Meet The Team!

    Meet our team members!!

    Jay Styler – Founder


    Hey!! I’m Jay, the founder of Hello Equality, 

    I’ll be posting about LGBTQIA+ issues, mainly homosexuality so I don’t speak for others. 

    I started this to attempt to educate people and people have a safe place without discrimination no matter their

    sexual orientation, gender identity etc.

    Feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.


    likes: boys, food, plane journeys, music, christmas, movies,

    cute ass lights, dogs, cats, american horror story, connor ball, night travel.

    dislikes: people, anything healthy, exercise.

    starsign: sagittarius

    pronouns: he/him 

    Lou – Founder


    Hi I’m Lou and I’m 19.

    I’ll be writing about anything really, your neighbor got pregnant with the mailman and you overheard?

    Contact me I want to write about it.


    Krenara – Main Editor

    Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.28.13 PM

    I’m Krenara, and I’m the editor and main writer of Hello Equality. I’m 19.

    I’ll be writing about mental health and social issues.

    I believe in the importance of educating people and opening their eyes to the truth of the world,

    no matter how much it upsets or opposes common held beliefs.

    Likes: Travelling, politics and anything interesting.

    Dislikes: iPhone batteries.

    Starsign: Aquarius


    Chanelle Copeland – Editor


    Hi there I’m Chanelle and I’m 16 years old !!!

    I’ll be writing about many different subjects that are probably going to be random or whatever but bare with me I swear I’m funny.


    Tanny – Editor


    Hey! My name is Tanny (you can call me tan) and i’m 16 years old.

    my posts will focus mainly on issues like gender inequality, coping with anxiety, racism and most things that deserve to be ranted about.

    likes: dan smith, writing, pizza, photography, cats, history and sports

    dislikes: donald trump, anything with pickles, inequality and melted icecream.

    starsign: leo