TMI Talks – Interviewing Photographer and Singer Jerrel Swing

    The truth about real talent nowadays is that it’s very difficult to come by, and it’s extremely rare to have more than one. It can be increasingly more trying to find genuine talent amidst a world full of Instagram models and babies, so of course we had to interview Jerrel Swing, somebody who is not only an extremely talented photographer but also an amazing RnB singer.

    Introducing Jerrel:jerrelll

    Jerrel is a 20 year old singer and photographer from New Jersey. He is a constantly positive presence on social media, and his tweets are not only thought provoking and interesting, but he also puts out short but incredibly sweet messages to let his fans know that there is so much that they can achieve if they just work hard.

    1. You ’re a singer and also a photographer. When did you discover your talents and is there one that you prefer more than the other and do you find it difficult to balance them?

    First I discovered photography when I loved to take pictures all the time meaning like every day and a couple people at school was like “Rell you should actually get a camera” and I thought about it cause hey I was in the year book for the most photogenic person I might as well and ever since, I bought one. I started learning on my own how to use it then started learning the software to edit and from there I became great at it. Now, for music I loving making music because first, I come off different and basically tryna recreate the 90s R&B vibe and how their music was. Cause honestly nobody making it… so why not make it? I actually love to do both music and photography and it’s not really difficult to balance them.

    2. What is it like having fans that look up to you and do you feel a lot of responsibility for what you publicize on social media?

    I’m actually glad they look up to me because it’s a reason too. I motivate them to never give up on their dreams and work hard so they don’t ever have to work for somebody again. To be honest, I do feel a lot of responsibility for what I publicize on social media because it’s important not to say the wrong things because social media is what a lot of people are on and you don’t wanna offend people depending on what it is. So it’s always best to watch what you say but it’s okay to say what’s on your mind. But me, personally, I let people know updates on music/pictures and meaningful tweets that relate.

    3. What inspired you the most to take the pictures you do, and is there a specific musician that inspired you to make the kind of music that you do?

    Honestly nothing really inspired me but the hard work I do. I swear I belong on Fader. Not saying I’m the best with pictures but I got people that love it. That’s all that matters honestly and if I like it then I like it. I feel I deserve more credit but I will get that sooner or later. As far as music and my last name is Swing is because I’m really inspired by Mr. Swing himself… DeVante Swing. He’s the guy from the group “Jodeci” and he was the person behind it all. That’s the type of person I am; A person that’s very creative with things and knows how to turn it to a big thing. I’m like the recreation of him… that’s why I love when people ask me is that my dad. In music he is but personally he not… I got a dad and he’s the one who got me into old school music and that inspired me more to make it and remake it.jerrel photo

    4. How has your life changed in respect to where you were a year ago and do you think your fast-growing social media following has contributed to your success?

    Actually, my life has changed because I used to be a very mean person and always wanted revenge on people for what they did to me. But after a while I kind of grew out of that and was thinking I gotta stay focused on the great things and not on that little kid shit. I learned getting revenge is not always the best thing. That’s why we have karma… what goes around comes around. I can say I became a better person and mostly a happy person at that and don’t let things get to me because I have people who look up to me.

    5. If you were to be signed to a modeling agency, which would you want it to be and which other models would you like to shoot with and why?

    I never really looked into model agencies but if I was signed to one I would model for Adidas or Ralph Lauren (Polo) because it’s my type of style and I love their brand and to be honest it wouldn’t matter what model I did a shoot with because it’s beautiful just being there.

    6. What is your main goal right now and what advice do you have for the loyal people who look up to you?

    My main goal is to start getting the visuals in for my music and promoting my stuff to the big social media accounts and also start getting my creative work out to companies. That’s where the big money is at, especially when doing something you love. For the people that’re loyal to me and look up to me, I wanna say keep doing it because we gonna make it!

    Jerrel is a hardworking and insanely talented individual with a beautiful mind who has work that is incomparable to others. He does all his own photography and his own editing. You won’t catch him stealing pictures or music, everything he does is his and we love it. Make sure to follow his social accounts just so you can see his photography, listen to his music or just stare at him all day.

    Twitter: @JerrelSwing

    @VisualsByJerrel (photography and behind the scene twitter)

    Instagram: @JerrelSwing

    SoundCloud: @Jerrel3D



    • Jay Styler is an 18 year old aspiring male MUA, Founder of Hello Equality, amateur photographer and professional fanboy who constantly tries to make the world a better place and uses his voice for those who haven't had the chance.

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