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    There have been many difficulties and disturbing happenings in the past year, and sadly in already in this new year. In hopes to bring morale up and help spread positivity and hope throughout the social community, us at Hello Equality have decided to conduct short but sweet interviews with some of our favourite up and coming YouTuber, social influencers etc. And who better to start with than new up and coming YouTuber, Ade? Ade makes a point about being positive, embracing life and spreading positivity as much as she can, despite being a burn and bully victim and dealing with clinical depression and we think that’s exactly what the world needs right now. Oh, and she’s an avid Skepta fan, which is one of the best thing about her.

    We asked Ade to introduce herself to everybody so that we can all get a sense of who she is and why she was inspired to become such a positive and giving person, and what drove her to starting her work on YouTube.

    Ade says: Well, the names Ade (pronounced Add-day) but most people call me “Adebonga” and honestly I don’t know where that nickname came from it’s such a weird nickname. I’m 21 soon 22, currently a bum living in my mum’s house and I guess I would say YouTube is my job even though the pay checks haven’t come through yet.

    1.  So as a fairly new YouTuber, are you finding it hard to come up with new content because almost everything has been done?

    Yes definitely, every time I want to record I never know what to record because everything you could think of is already done and it just feels like you’re copying even though you could always add a little twist and edit it differently from others, you know?

    2. How do you think that your past has defined you today, and did you ever think you’d be making videos?

    My past made me who I am today. I am a victim of bullying I’ve been bullied throughout my whole life I’ll say my bullying days (as in me getting bullied) stopped when I was just 19 so 2 years ago I went through every type of bullying you could think of you name it physically, mentally, cyber & verbally and if there’s any other type of bullying I’ve probably been through that too. Through this it made me the confident loud funny girl I am today because it just taught me I’m tough and I can go through any storm and see the rainbow at the end of the storm.

    3. What do you hope to achieve in the future and do you think YouTube/social media careers are sustainable?

    Honestly? Yes for a long time I’ve wanted to be a TV presenter so I guess that’s a way I would be making videos right? I’ve wanted to be a TV presenter for a long time and I’ve been struggling for a while to find any apprenticeships or work experience, even to get into this type of field so I’m hoping by me making YouTube videos I’ll be found and BOOM! I’ll be hosting the red carpets. I do think social media careers/YouTube are sustainable especially if you’re an inspirational person and you’re also moving with the trend like Kim Kardashian. One of [Kim’s] jobs is social media and she’s either setting the trend or moving with the trend.

    4. Now, to get a little deeper. How do you feel about the Black Lives Matter movement and is there anything you have done or would do to help?

    I love the BLM. I think what they’re doing for POC is great, making people more aware of what is going on in the black community and bringing different races together with their protests. I just hope one day all this hate on black people will come to an end and we can just be one you know? I’ve never done anything to help sadly, I wanted to go to a protest some time last year but I was depressed at the time I still am but it’s not as bad.

    5. If you could become a leader and do anything differently in our country for one day what would you do?

    If I was leader for one day I would try to help the youth of today because all this gun and knife crime really gets me in my feelings.  I’ll try my best to bring it down to a minimum because sadly no country is perfect so I can’t end the crimes for good. Unless we did the Purge? Crime once a year? Hmmm?

    6. To end on a lighter note, if you could collaborate with three YouTubers, who would you choose and why and what kind of video would you make?

    Three Youtubers I’d collab with?  Jackie Aina! She’s my Youtube Aunty. I love her and I’d probably do like a “She stole my look” kind of video where I do a certain makeup look she does and she’ll do a certain makeup look I’ll do. Then Arnell Armon – She’s so cute she’s my spirit animal. We’ll probably do a GRWM I love GRWM especially chit chat ones. And Mr Kate – I’d love for them to recreate my whole room it’s such a chore!

    Ade does a lot of work in regards to bringing people up, and she’s always available to chat and tell you her views. On top of being an ever-kind source of light, she’s also a POC and is proud of who is she is, and inspires thousands of her followers every day.

    Watch her funny and uplifting videos below, and make sure to give her a follow!

    Twitter: @adebongaa_ox

    YouTube: (Her pinned tweet is a direct link to her youtube, but you can also click this)


    • Jay Styler is an 18 year old aspiring male MUA, Founder of Hello Equality, amateur photographer and professional fanboy who constantly tries to make the world a better place and uses his voice for those who haven't had the chance.

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