I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately, like the fact that even though I was basically an extra I got my first role ever in a series and theres also the fact that I’ve gained some friendships back or maybe I just realized I’m too nice.

    I’ve always cared too much about people thinking that if I cared about them they would care about me, I could thank a quote I once read “Be the friend you want to have.” I might be the best friend in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean someone will be just as equally nice to me. If I’m always putting others before me who will care about me? It’s a sad fact but that’s how the world works and sometimes you’ve got to be a little selfish. It’s a known fact that you must learn to say a simple word… “No.” If you don’t want to do something just say no, think about what you want to do and not what other people want you to do because people who might judge you at the moment won’t always be in your life, once you learn how much you are worth you will find people who appriciate you and you will get rid of all the toxic friendships/relationships and you will be happier.

    I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Jay Styler, you know him. Jay Styler is the owner of Hello Equality and I’ve known him since he was a little 14 year old “Jayson” on twitter. I remember when Jay came out to his parents, he was freaking out and his parents couldn’t have been more supporting, but that story is not mine to tell and I will get to the point, Lately Jay has started to use make up, he doesn’t care about what other people say and his skills are improving, Congratulations Jay! I’m so proud of the person you became.

    I also want to say something about my friend Annie, who I’ve also known since she was a little 14 year old Louis Tomlinson Account on twitter, you are such a beautiful woman Annie, I’m so proud of the person you are and I know you will have an amazing future, Japan is not ready for us (2020).

    Riley & Willow my little friends, Riley who is now 17 and was also once 14 and Willow who is the same age as my brother, I appriciate you guys so much! Just as I appriciate Frances who has been there for me countless of times.

    All of the people I mentioned above have taught me throughout the years that you must eliminate negative people out of your life just as you must learn to say no in order to be happy.

    Heres to 2017,

    Lou Soares (Luciano)

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